Hi and welcome! I'm Shai.
Argira was initially inspired by a personal need, and blossomed into a business idea. I am surrounded by incredibly smart and business minded women in my life and I'm constantly inspired to try more and reach further.
My time is primarily spent working full time in Emergency Services, which I have done happily and successfully for 14 years. Being more operationally focused with a logical brain, Argira has provided a much needed creative outlet to unwind and recharge. I've not had that since my newborn photography business, which I closed at the beginning of the pandemic.
I'm looking forward to being involved in my own small business again, creating beautiful things that will stand the test of time. I'm hopeful that each piece brings a bit of joy to its recipient, and I work hard to understand the needs of our customers and provide a quality service.
The business name 'ARGIRA' is made up of the first three letters of the names of my two step children Arianna and Grayson, and then flipped. It is a reminder that everything we do, we do for them. 
Enjoy xx